Cherish Me

I never accept physical gifts from anyone. However, I of course have a list of desired items that you will find below. If you do wish to offer a gift to me you may send the monetary amount with the items name in the transfer description, followed by a text or email so I can send gratitude, if you wish to be acknowledged. I will then purchase the item myself and will send a thank you message or praise via twitter. Please bare in mind that a gift is a gift and you are not to expect anything more than gratitude for your generosity.

Gift Desires

50000;- Pay off my university debt.

2000; Pay my rent for the month.

500-10000; furniture pieces.

200-10000; Clothing.

200-10000; Bags.

200-10000; Shoes.

50-10000; Jewelry.

10-5000; donate or Sponsor my annual photo shoot. (Comes with some personal photos for your viewing pleasure)

500-2000; Any of the studio PIA lingerie sets + body suits, if you have a particular set you’d like to see me in get in touch with your. thoughts and money.

500-2000; kisskill, bordelle and fluer de mar. Contact me if you have a desired set you’d like me to purchase with your selection and the required monetary amount for it.

15-2000; for sponsorship during periods of educational endeavors

1000; for creative supplies

600; Coffee machine.

100-1000; for household items.

300-1000; fine dining restaurant, open to suggestions if you’re dying for me to try a place and you’re not ready to invest in going together, I’ll send a photo of the experience to you.

200-1000; Perfume and beauty care.

40-400; Spa day

20-1000; for books.

5; buy me a coffee You are welcome to offer a personal gift suggestion, if I like the offer we can go from there.

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