a tryst tale from the pov of melbourne’s mystical escort cassie dion

Why hello there my appreciated admirer,

I stopped by The Grand Hyatt for one of my favourite experiences. I call it “deepen our connection”. 4 hrs of love making, intellectual gymnastics, emotional connection, sprinkled with humour, eating well and drinking bubbles to amplify the giggles. I’m super fond of *Mr Smith*, perhaps because he reminds me of a more grown version of a beloved ex of mine. It had become an ingrained ritual for us to meet every other Thursday afternoon to indulge in one another.

We have the juiciest and most playful back and forth dance that I feel could go on forever. Until it escalates into a heated discussion shortly followed by some high energy make-up sex whilst we dissolve into one another phewww. We have good chemistry. I’m lucky.

This latest brief encounter was no different *Mr Smith* was naturally pushing my buttons and attempting to provoke my jealous side by telling me about his latest hot lover… Size, height, looks, demeanour… short of pulling out his phone to show me a photo of this beautiful sounding woman. I inhaled slowly and exhaled with pauses. Managing jealousy is paramount for the escorting realm.

I said calmly but with my cheeky + flirtatious side. ‘She sounds amazing I would love to meet her, so we can share an afternoon delight together’. We were holding each other’s sides, closely. He pulled back and looked at me quizzically. Trying to work out if I was bluffing. At this point ‘Mr Smith’, had assumed what most people assume about me. “Straight-cis” more importantly “innocent” woman.

“Really??” He said, “you’d like that?”

I would love that. Bring her for our next rendezvous. As long as she’s into it as well.
We parted ways. A few days later I received a message from both Mr Smith and Ms Jones (the hot new GF) asking if I was available for Sunday afternoon for a few hours to indulge in a tryst afternoon delight.

Reading the message I felt a rush of excitement and nerves all at the same time. I love trysts. He paid the deposit and we locked in the date I was to meet them at the Grand Hyatt at 3pm for an afternoon delight.

Stayed tuned for part 2

Until next time,

The Mystical Muse xx

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