“La’amour retreat”



“From Dusk till Dusk”



“Dusk till Dawn”


Must include 3 meals and 7 hrs of undisturbed rest, and 1 hr of self-care


“Dawn till Dusk”



Cassie Dion Melbourne Companion
“Late night entanglement”

~Popular amongst the business class~



You arrive at your hotel in Melbourne, it’s late, you want some mind melting . . . with me and for us to fall asleep in the ambience of our entanglement to gently wake in the morning and share some breakfast before we part ways.

“Rolling in the deep”

Dinner, drinks and some heartfelt loving… Not necessarily in that order…

4hrs of bliss point connecting

~In high demand~

You and me


My beloved couple


“A lover’s liaison”

we meet at the bar and flirt until the place gets so hot we have to take our steamy connection somewhere more private…

3hrs of starting to write our summer read worthy tale

You and me


My beloved couple


“Lust time”

For anyone who values the importance of laughter and intimate conversation before taking things further

120 minutes of taking things to another depth

~A popular choice~

You and me


My beloved couple


“Our Meet cute”

(available for new and returning lovers)

90 minutes of indulgence

You and me


My Beloved couple


“La petite mort”

(for returning lovers only); you’re pressed for time and you still deserve some of the finest loving on offer.

60 minutes of Nirvana with yours truly

You and me


My beloved couple


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