Hello there my prospective darling, lover, hedonist, wild one. What’s your world like these days?

Are you craving a mind-melting, daze-worthy spark and perhaps something that will stoke that fire within your soul?

Are you searching for a mystical being who is a bliss-point combination of authentic, beautiful, clever, flirty and hilarious?

I’m here to meet all of your cravings in one dose. A beaming glowing warmth you seek, a rebel at heart, yet kind, loving and adoring.

It will be our choice to play discretely, to show off one another or anything between when we rendezvous.


I light up spaces I walk into and evoke gazes when I move through the world. As a true Sigma woman I can command the attention of any room or discretely move through it without disturbing a single soul.

Some of my lovers have paradoxically noted that I am the textbook definition of ‘je ne sais quoi’. No arguments here. I have a secret ingredient that I only share with those who are close, truly unique and an iridescent chameleon, projecting an air of mysteriousness and intrigue, yet willing to share certain truths about myself that will always draw you back in for more.

As an adept conversationalist, blessed with a high IQ and EQ I find intellectual + emotional connection a huge turn on. I will listen intently with my pretty little ears and will use my sexy mouth to insert witty (and at times naughty) innuendos when most inappropriate.

My adventurous spirit is happy to take the reins, to follow your lead or to walk beside you whilst we decide what unforgettable moments we are going to share together and what story we will co-create.

I won’t indulge you about intimate topics of the bedroom, but it should be noted that I have an unbridled sexual hunger and as a creative and liberated spirit I am well- versed and open to an array of sensual experiences.

Your family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances will be curiously wondering how you’ve suddenly managed to look younger, happier and brighter after time spent with me.

It will be our little secret.
This wild one awaits you,
All my love.

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