The Day in the Life of a Melbourne Escort

When I’m not zooming around Melbourne from booking to booking in my beloved chariot (my amazing car that I adore)… or labouring away at all the admin that private escorting demands (this cannot be underestimated haha). I have lots of downtime and practice loads of self-care and self-love.

I realise that ‘self-care + self-love’ are a buzz words that are thrown around in the online meme-therapy community a lot these days and we all have varying definitions of what ‘self care’ and ‘self-love’ might look like. No judgements here, we are all different and our versions of ‘self-care + self-love’ are valid and merely reflect our path and internal world.

For some of us, it’s booking a 3hr cheeky GFE with yours truly . For others it might be flying all the way to Berlin to finally visit the infamous Berghain nightclub to indulge in its shadows for the weekend. Perhaps it’s finally entering Melbourne Marathon or riding your bike for the daily work commute, maybe it’s ordering Uber eats from you favorite suburban eatery or reading trashy magazines. Going to the beach solo or the local trivia night at the pub with your friends. Whatever it might be, so long as it makes you feel good then who gives a hoot what form it takes!

For me self-care + love is about being consistent, it’s showing up to that 6:15AM yoga class when my heavenly bed and lucid dreams are playing those old seductive tricks . It’s going to the market and buying fresh produce from the independent business owner and slow cooking a beautiful meal for myself whilst pouring my love and attention into the task.
It’s switching my phone onto ‘do not disturb’ or ‘airplane mode’ for the day and remembering to take deep steady breaths whilst absorbing whatever scene is passing me by.

I love indulging in all the little things life has to offer. Whether they are cliched or not I don’t really care! Next time pay attention to the scent of freshly clipped neighbourhood grass or the local cat chasing after butterflies, that roasted coffee bean aroma floating through the air, heavy rain drops on a tin roof, take a hot + steamy bath after a long day, enjoy a long hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Stop to smell the literal roses

I spend my days whether I’m escorting or not observing and enjoying all of these precious moments that quickly arise and fall. To be lost forever but not forgotten like those *blade runner* tears in the rain. For me those moments are the only gems I’m interested in.

Until next time,


P.s. I do have a soft spot for opals we all have our weaknesses!

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